Welcome, I’m Stacy, the creator of Stella Maris Designs!

What a ride it’s been thus far! I hope you tune in, to get to know me and my family, through this process of redoing our builder grade 1990s home. It’s funny how God leads you to places you NEVER thought you’d  to be…..bare with me I’m not a writer, but I’ll fake it till I make it!

The topic or post name is HOME, what is home to you? My home is everything, its the place where I can 100% be myself, the place I’m raising my babies, where I let all of my creative juices flow.Ultimately home is where I feel safe!! Which opens the discussion of how I fell into this world of creating.

Let’s just say my childhood was not your typical two-parent household  with a white picket fence. I lost my mother when I was at the tender age of four. Something was not quite right with her third pregnancy. She told my Dad she had an inclination that she couldn’t explain. My mother was very spiritual. On June 15, 1984, she lost her life when she gave birth to my sister, Trish. Devastation is the only word that comes to mind. My poor father was only twenty-seven years old and left to raise a six-year-old, four-year-old, and a newborn baby. I can honestly say that he did the best he could raising us kids.

So this brings me to why I created my safe but pretty nest for myself. I started using whatever was around me to make my spaces pretty and comfortable. And of course my father didn’t care! I never knew that money didn’t grow on trees because we never went without, but we were poor! So this is where my love of thrifting came into play. I fell in love with the rush I felt when I saved sometimes up to 90% off of an awesome piece of furniture. I was addicted!!!

Years have gone by and I still get a rush from it. Plus, I found out I could make money at it. This hobby has now helped support my family and it’s become my full time job.

I’m going on seven years of  being a vendor at a successful show here in Waterloo, Nebraska, called Junkstock! This show is about taking vintage goods and turning them into new found treasures. Junkstock is nationally recognized as one of the top vintage festivals in the country. Better Homes & Gardens magazine called it a “Top Vintage Market & Barn Sale” and Midwest Living Magazine called it the “Can’t Miss Midwest Flea Market.”

If you’re ever in my neck of the woods, come and check us out.