My bread and butter has been Junkstock for the last seven years.

I believe I’m on my 16th show as a vendor.

It’s so crazy to see that in writing because time has gone by so fast!

It all started when I was trying to find a creative outlet after being a stay at home mom for three years, read more of this story in my about page. But to sum it up Sara Alexander who is the creator and mother of Junkstock asked if I’d like to be in her first show back in 2011 and I said yes without even thinking about it or asking my husband (Oops! Sorry, Drew!).

I knew this would be a great opportunity for me and I jumped in with both feet. From that point on, I collected from all the local thrift stores and took those items and recreated them to fit my “look” which makes it easy when you stick to what you like.

I always say if I wouldn’t put it in my home then I don’t buy it or sell it. I believe I had one month to get my poop in a group, but I made it to the finish line! That opening morning I was completely sold out!!!! I literally cried I was so happy. I went home that night and started going through my own things just so I had items to sell that next day. Let’s just say the show was an awesome success!!

In 2015, Junkstock moved to Sycamore Farms in Waterloo, Nebraska. This gave her the ability to expand the business being there’s a lot more land. Since moving the show has grown even more. Most of her events have 200 plus vendors, 20 food truck and some of the best bands around. I’ve also noticed that there is a sense of home at Sycamore Farms, I’ve met some of the most wonderful people doing this job! I’m nestled under two 100 year cottonwood trees in a darling little barn that my husband and I created. Visiting the barn you will see vintage finds, hand styled pieces, personal art that I’ve painted, raw pieces that have not been touched and hand sewn pillows ,and much more. My goal is when you walk into the barn, you feel comfortable and inspired, I’m wanting to get your creative juices flowing. xoxo