Those who know me personally won’t be shocked by this little confession… I am ADDICTED to redecorating!

Today, I’m sharing the latest version of my office.

I’ve painted this room four times now! If I don’t think the color is “just right,” I will literally lose sleep over it.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I do believe I finally got it right!!!

Paint is definitely the cheapest way to change and update a room…unless you’re repainting FOUR TIMES!!!!

My family teases me that I need to buy stock in Sherwin Williams.

Updating our home has been so much fun for me. I’ve learned so much in this process – and I’m still learning!

Decorating is what I was born to do and I’m simply living my truth.

This process has also been super stressful at times only because in the world of social media, where we’re constantly comparing ourselves to each other, it can be paralyzing.  I want to remain myself, but also be inspired by other designers or simply creative people in general.

This room, though, brings me pure joy. I love having an office in my home for all of the family to use. Yes, I know everything is white, but that has never stopped us from ever truly living in our home.

This cute sofa table / side table was built by Drew (A.K.A. my ever-so-patient and handy husband).

The top of the table came from a cut down church pew that came out of Drew’s church back home in South Dakota that was being torn down. We took the opportunity to go and salvage what we could. I think it’s kinda nice to have a piece with meaning. Drew has recreated this table and we’re currently selling five more like this – just with different stain colors, etc. (Contact me if you’re interested.)

We love this “Buy, Sell, Trade” wall unit I purchased for $100, it didn’t start off looking like the beauty she is now. I painted her with the color Simply White in eggshell finish. Then I painted the handles with “rub and buff” antique gold. If you’ve never used RUB and BUFF, you’re missing out!

This desk came from World Market’s Campaign Collection. Drew has also built a re-creation of this exact desk without the pencil drawer. (We have two available, let me know if you’re interested!) The reason I had him build a few of these is because I love the size and style of it.

These wall sconces have made this room in my opinion…

I originally bought them for the bathroom upstairs, but never ended up using them there. I knew that I wanted to keep them and find another spot in the house where I could show these babies off!!!

Once we put in the wall unit, I thought, “Let’s hang them above and it was like they were meant to be there all along!”

They were originally gold, but something about they gold color didn’t sit well with me. So I decided to spray paint them black. I love how the color black demands attention, kinda like ME!!! (Just kidding…sort of!)

Here is the fun part about the sconces… They’re not hardwired into the wall, which means you don’t need an electrician (yay!). Drew hung them for me using drywall screws which worked like a charm, then we put these little socket adapters in the part where you would normally put the light bulb. Here’s the link for the socket adapter.

Here’s where it gets fun, so I follow a gal on Instagram and her business/blog is called Nesting with Grace. If you don’t already follow her, you need to. She’s amazing! Anyway, I was looking through her posts and came upon these puck lights, fell in love with the idea that you can have a sconce light anywhere without having to hardware. So I tried it and it worked like a charm. Here is the link where you can purchase the Puck Lights.

If you’re wondering how I got these lights to stick onto this socket adapter, I grabbed some handy dandy Command picture hanger strips which are kinda like velcro ones. I put one of the strips on the bottom of the puck light and then one on the adapter then connected them. These lights come with a remote… sweet sauce!!!! Ta-da!!!!

I’ve shared all of my sources where I purchased everything and the paint colors I used.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you’re interested in purchasing any of the products I named in this post.

Have a wonderful day.

Office Source List 

Paint color above wainscoting is Moonshine by Benjamin Moore

Wainscoting is Simply White by Benjamin Moore…I have my paint mixed up at Sherwin Williams in SherScrub~eggshell

The wood floor is Birch plywood cut down into 9inch strips, my husband laid it, stained it , and sealed it for me.

Stain Color~  Weathered Teak SW313

Ceiling is beaded board that I painted Simply White OC-117

Black and white Flush Mount Light

Office Desk

Pendant Lights above Office Unit…Spray painted Black semi gloss

Gold option for lights above office unit

Modern Wall Canvas…painted my own touch to it.

These are the awesome wireless LED puck lights with remote…idea created from Nesting with Grace

Upholstered wingback chairs

Target Rope Mirror

Wall unit bought it off of one of our local buy, sell,trades

Decorative boxes~Homegoods

Driftwood~TJ. Max

Picture Frame~Kirkland awhile back

Black Glass Terrarium~Bought from a local antique dealer named Nodding Goat

Books~Collected through the years

Blue and White vase with flowers~Local Antique dealer, flowers are from Hobby Lobby

Straw Hat~Local thrift store

Marble piece~Thrift Store

Gold Bird~Local Thrift Store, I sprayed it with one of my favorite gold spray paints

Candle~One of my favorite all times candle brand..soon will be selling through my website

Pillows~Handmade pillows covers will soon be selling on my website

Rattan Chairs~ Garage Sale years ago

Shelving Unit~ My Grandmothers given to me..I painted it Simply White by Benjamin Moore

Gold Vase~Target awhile back

White storage boxes

Basket on shelf~Thrift Store

White and natural wood sofa table~ my husband built and currently selling five more like this

Ironstone~ Collected through the years

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Basket Holding tree ~Homegoods