Can you believe Easter is this Sunday..where does time go. Well today I decided I wanted to create a table setting for Easter,I always do everything last minute..but sometimes thats when the best creations turn out. Are you someone who thrives under pressure? How I came up wth this table scape…well I started looking first at what I had on hand, everything you see in these images are things that I’ve had . First thing you want to do is pull out anything that you would like to see on your table..plates, silverware, napkins, which btw don’t have to be cloth…Target always has cute paper ones which would work just as well , glassware, and lately and something for the center your table like a vase. So I was trying to create a post that you wouldn’t have to go out to the store right now for obvious reasons…so instead of buying flowers which I’d usually do, I went exploring in my yard 🙂 so what your seeing in my vase is boxwood trimmings if you don’t have one in your yard, well go to someone else’s and ask nicely or don’t if you could cut a few branches off. Or find something green to add to your table. The egg carton everyone has one, cut the top off, and add eggs. I did have some paper-mache ones on hand so I utilized them in the egg holders, wouldn’t it be cute to write your families names on them to personalize where there going to be sitting. Well here are a few images that I hope will inspire you to create your own table setting for Easter.

Source will be at the bottom of this post.

  • Source List
  • White dining table- my husband Drew made it
  • White rattan chairs- bought at a yard sale years ago
  • Crossback dining chairs from Target
  • Placemats-HomeGoods
  • Round rattan chargers– Target
  • White plates- got from our wedding 14 years ago..scary
  • Silverware- bought years ago from Souther Living
  • Glasses- these are plastic..I know..bought from _ HomeGoods last year
  • Napkins- HomeGoods..they have the best cloth napkins for cheap
  • Egg holders- HomeGoods last year
  • Lemons- Hobby Lobby
  • Vase – Target last year
  • Marble cutting board- HomeGoods
  • PaperMache eggs- Hobby Lobby years ago