The Jump

I decided to do something that I love 

Stella Maris Designs was founded in 2011 when I decided to turn my dreams into reality. About three years into being a stay-at-home mom, I felt a yearning for more. A wonderful friend of mine was also starting an adventure of her own, and she kindly asked if I’d like to join in. This was exactly what I wanted; I Just need to JUMP…the hardest part. Junkstock is what got me off and running….


Through this process I was able to show my creations and to fulfill a part inside of me that was missing. Along this process I was able to create an atmosphere or my ability to decorate as well. This is where I started helping others in creating a beautiful spaces in there home as well.

I’ve always love to decorate. That is my passion!!! God has given me the ability to see creatively! This is what I’ve found that fills my love tank.

MY Family

My husband Drew has been my biggest supporter. Without him, Stella Maris would not be the business it is today. Drew and I have two wonderful, energetic children who keep us on our toes. They always say  your children were given to for a reason, right?? Maybe someday I’ll slow down also… But probably not!

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